Why not have your Have your pets fur/hair spun into a forever keepsake!

Have you ever brushed your pet and kept the fur from those brushing just because it was so soft. Have you ever wondered what could be done with it?

The brushings from the soft undercoat creates a soft, warm yarn similar to angora. Clippings may also be used but be advised that the outer guard hairs are rough on the skin, but they are great to be used in special keepsakes, like a small fold over purse to put a special something of your beloved pets inside of it.

Spun animal fur is considered a Luxury fiber when spun. It is included in the same catagory with mohair, angora and cashmere. The name associated with spun animal fur is Chiengora, pronounced (she-an-gora). Chien means dog in French and Gora is from the word Angora, the fiber animal or dog hair resembles.

You can have the option of just having the fur/hair spun into a skein with 100% of your pets fur or with 50% wool.  How much fur do I need? 1-2 ounces of fur can be blended with wool to make a pair of mittens or a hat. Blending with wool gives added strength and body to the yarn. 

Pet fur does not smell, although dog fur can be very smelly, I wash it several times before I card and spin it. All yarn is washed after spinning as well.

The main requirement is that the fur is soft and long enough to spin. A minimum length of about 1 inch is required, otherwise the yarn sheds a lot and may be prickly.

Store Your pets fur in a cardboard box or paper bag, rather than a plastic bag, to prevent compressing the fur. REQUIREMENTS: Do Not wash the fur - I will wash your yarn before I send it out to you.

ONLY brushed fur or cuttings can be used for spinning When collecting the fur make sure to avoide matted, dirty or crusted fur.
Wool, spun, washed and drying in the sun.
Carded dog fur and merino wool hand spun.
Weaving handspun fur.

Finished pillow, merino wool and dog fur.

Washing your knitted items like you would wash any fine wool. I recommend you hand wash your items using mild dishwashing liquid in hot water. Rinse in the same temperature water. Roll up in a towel to absorb extra water and then dry flat on a towel.

Sounds Interesting and COOL!   Email me and we can come up with a project for you and your pet!

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks depending on the project and my custom orders.

PRICING: Includes, washing, carding, spinning,
100% Pet Fur ..... $ .10 per yard & per ply
50/50 Pet Fur/Wool ..... $ .10 per yard & per ply + cost of wool
Special projects that you would like me to make with your wool are extra and the price is dependent upon the item.


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