Let your imagination be your guide!
Creat your own custom hat! I can reproduce a hat you see on my webpage, and all hats are unique.

Pick your colour, material and fur type.

Fur and materials are dependent upon availability. If you want new pelts that will be an extra cost. The furs I deal with are recycled furs and I use only the best for my hats.
Types of Hats Available
A101 - Mongol hat 10th c.
ear flaps tie in back, longer fur that drapes over the back of the neck.  The fur pictured here is Wolf.
When the ear flaps are down you can tie them under your chin. With
or without the point on top.
wolf or bear $325


B 101 - Mongolian with tall

C 101 - Norse style with seams
on outside

D 101- Norse Style with seams
on the inside
add a tassell, beaded or Jade for $20

E101 - Norse Merchants hat
add decorations, tip or embroidery $20
Nalbinding Hats

Nalbinding Socks
$55 and up
Hungarian Hat
Wool felted, needle felted
designs, hand stitched
Michele Franklin

Please check out my etsy site for current hats for sale. 

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