I have 5 English Angora Rabbits some are rescured and others have just been given to me because of how I treat them.  Hank, Haley, Snowball, Ms. Blue and Thora live in a 12x10 fully insulated shed. The shed will keep them warm in the Winter and Cool in the Summer.  They are free ranged and are not caged at all.  In the mornings I open the shed door to their 20x30 outside pen for them to roam and play.  They are healthy and happy rabbits.  At night they hop into their shed and I close the door to protect them from preditors. 

I sell the fiber to to pay for their vet bills and feed.  You can be assured that your Angora fiber is combed from happy and healthy rabbits that are free ranged. 

Thora on the left,
then Ms. Blue,
Haley is a tort on the right,
Snowball is the white one on the bottom.
Hank is not picture there he is a chocolate and is blind from birth but the girls lead him around and take care of him. Hank is fixed.  

I do not breed.  

If you would like some of their fiber pls contact me which colour you would like.

Thora's fiber  $14 oz.

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