Rave Reviews
- I have known Michele for 5 years now and her work is far and above the best work I've ever seen. My daughter has purchased one of her hats and I have purchased other pieces of her work. She is totally above board and very professional in all her dealings. I have seen her studio and it is quite amazing to see her at work. Check out the custom coats as well, they are definite works of art. Annette H. BC
- She does wonderful work with her Mongol hats and is probably one of the most professional people that I know on our sales cicruit. I have been doing sales at Renaissance Fairs and with the SCA for almost 20 years now and have known many vendors. You shouldn't hesitate to purchase any of her merchandise. It will be well made and delivered promptly.
Lori W. Arizona
- I have known Michelle for six years and have done business with her myself on numerous occasions. I can assure you she is an honorable and reputable business woman. If she has agreed to make you one of her highly demanded hats, you can believe me when I tell you, you are privileged, as she doesn't make them for just anyone. Her work is of the highest quality and in such demand that she can pick and chose her customers. Consider yourself fortunate . . . . she can . . . and will deliver.
 D D. Washington
- I have known Michele now for about four years, and will admit that her hats are utterly addicting! I own five of them (with and without fur) as well as three coats (on her coat page, the shot of her standing next to a red/black coat with a large coat of arms on it plus leaping bunnies, is my coat with me in it).
Her work is utterly first class, uses quality materials (and as she notes, RECYCLED FURS - she is careful to use soft pelts where the hair is not shedding, something I watch for), and delivers ON TIME.
Although I live in Ottawa, I have driven the 5 hrs on the highway to get to Toronto when she is at a crafts fair in order to see what she's got this season (and usually hurt my credit card at the same time! LOL).
I hope this is of some help to you in making your decision on ordering from her. She's a great boutique business with excellent (and collectable!) goods.
Dr. Shelley Rabinovitch, Ottawa, Ont.

- I would overwhelmingly recommend her to anyone. I have one of her custom hats. You wouldn't believe how many people tell me how beautiful it is and ask me where I got it. She is a creditable business woman who goes out of her way to make her customers happy.
If her name comes up, or someone sees one of her hats, they will mention they have one or want one, and a list of names of who they know who have one of her hats and/or coats.

I've had my hat for four years, it goes to SCA events (camping) with me. I also wear it on cold days outside of the SCA. My husband also has a hat made by her. People admire him in it.
A.F. Texas
- I personally own three of her hats and a coat. Many of my friends from other Kingdoms now wear her coats and hats. She pretty much sold out the first year she showed up at Gulf Wars because her hats are so well made. She is hatmaker to the Crowns of An Tir plus you can't turn around at an event in An Tir without seeing someone wearing one of her hats. They are awesome! She is a very honorable and trustworthy merchant.
Duchess Angharad Banadaspus Drakenhefd
 (six times Queen of An Tir)

-Michele has been making the custom hats for several years and is an amazing craftsperson.
 Her hats are in high demand in the medieval society we both play in. She has shown great integrity all the years I have known her. I have no problem giving her the highest recommendation. She is honest, hard working and
Barb M. BC

-What a wonderful Christmas present I received from my Husband. One of your beautifully hand-made Mongol Hats that is pictured on your website. The first 3 pictures in the second row. It is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship.
I screamed with delight when I unwrapped it. In fact, I am wearing it as I am emailing you.
I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas like I am. You have made me a very happy girl...
Best Regards,
 Donna V


That is the best looking hat I ever saw! Thank you.
Tuomas N

We finally received the hats today,,,,absolutely beautiful, exceeded expectations !
 We are very happy customers..  we will send some pictures soon
 thank you so much for all the extra effort. we are deeply appreciative
 You will have word of mouth advertising from us for life
 I think will be very impressive when we wear them in Mongolia during the next archery festival
 I dont know if you ever make it to pennsic (SCA in Pennsylvania) but if you do let us know we will look you up
Take care and thank you again
Hands to palms
Mark T.

Hi, Michele -  (Handspun fur with wool, woven and made into a pillow)

 I JUST received the pillow - it is beautiful beyond expectations!  I love it so much - the fringe is a fabulous touch - It is absolutely magnificent, and incredibly special, since it came from my 3 "boys" -

With our thanks, we will send out a note to etsy, and will post on my facebook, too! 
Karen J

AWESOME! Thank you so much. Those Flaps, i love em :)
You did a great job!

Thomas - Germany