I am a university educated woman and by profession I am a certified counsellor. With my clients I would often use art therapy and crafts of some kind to help my clients with release of stress and frustration.

My inspiration was my husband, he was the person that was instrumental in encouraging me to start my own business and to help me step beyond my boundaries. 
After his tragic death in a car accident (he was a passenger), I excelled in my business and it has helped me to heal and expand my horizons.

I am very active in the SCA (www.sca.org) which is an international organization that studies and recreates the middle ages and renaissance and my designs reflect that in my finished product.

I have over 20 years of sewing and design experience.

I have won 6 Arts awards from the Society for Creative Anachronism.

I have 4 Mongolian hats that have been in a Mongolian Exhibit in a Museum.  I have had a hat appear in a short feature film and 2 hats in a commercial.  Also featured in "Amazing Canadian Fashion" Magazine.

My product is made in a small cottage on my land near the Fraser River in B.C., Canada.

I take my wool from the sheep, I clean, card, spin, dye, weave and knit one of a kind wearable art shawls.   I dye with natural products I find in nature as much as possible.

I have sold my work in Whistler, Granville Island, Circle Craft in Vancouver, Art Market in Calgary, Toronto One of A Kind, and the Signature Edmonton Xmas show. Through the internet I have sold my hats and shawls all over the world.

In 2009 after a car accident I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia . In 2010 I fell down a path on a hill going to the rescue of my cat which was being attacked by a raccoon and shattered my left wrist and dislocated my hand from my arm. Since both of these accidents I have slowed down in my production of my craft and now consider it my hobby. The quality is still there, but I am unable to go to the attend the large shows to sell.

Mission, Vision, Values
My products are the ultimate Eco-luxury! People want to see options that have a good environmental impact. My products use 95% recycled materials, fur, leather, and wool. I use recycled items to produce a new reusable product. Nature recycles everything. Every piece that I create is "one of a kind". My hats shawls and coats will give you the feeling of elegance and the experience of wearing a piece of European history. I believe in quality, great service and guarantee.

Love, light and laughter
Thank you
Michele Franklin


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