The Shepherd's Pillow
100% wool filled pillows duvets for the best sleep ever!

Recycling fur coats into a renewable and reusable product is SMART, and ECO-FRIENDLY.

Fur, leather and wool are biodegradable resources.  Synthetics are generally made from petroleum (a non-renewable resource), which is NOT consistent with the sustainable use of our environment. The production, transportation and disposal  petrochemicals can cause environmental problems.

By using recycled materials from natural resources we help to reduce waste.  We are more aware of what the consequences are today than we were many years ago, so lets think smart and eco-friendly. 
Nature Recycles Everything - Why Don't We!

Historical Designs for Modern Times - Intriguing Designs is for the individual who loves elegant and unique quality clothing. "One of a Kind" artistic custom made unisex hats and coats have a look that are soft, sensual, rich and fashionable.  Mongolian, Norse, Persian, Hungarian, and Cossak inspired Hats and Coats

Custom orders welcome.
I can turn your old fur coat into a special hat, pillow, or blanket.
I believe in quality, service and guarantee
If you are not happy I will make another or exchange your item for another within 7 days


I'd like to invite you to send a pic of you and/or your hat, in your part of the world, or elsewhere, for inclusion in my gallery section.

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